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Month: October 2013 now supports YouTube + Google Drive and a bonus app update! now supports YouTube

YouTube was the number one requested site that users wanted supported. It was difficult to imagine how could work with the classic experience. In order to do it right, I had to write a custom web app.

The site can be found here: now supports Google Drive Presentations

I thought it would be awesome if I could demo at HackNY this year using (more on this soon). So I built a small remote to page through slides on a Google drive presentation.

It’s still a little rough, but you can find directions about how to control a Google drive presentation here: app update

An app update was released a few days ago that bring some awesome upgrades to The first thing you’ll notice is a new app icon.

Along with the new icon are some updates to the theme.¬†The app will also now automatically sync if you have your credentials save, so you don’t have to tap the “login” button every time.

You may have also noticed that the launch video shows remotes with Twitter and Facebook icons, but that feature never appeared in the app store version.

I’m glad to say it’s back. You can now share what you’re currently listening to on Facebook and Twitter with many of the remotes.

Really cool stuff is on the way

I’m really excited for my next blog post. Some really cool stuff came out of HackNY, but there is still lots of work to be done so I can’t talk about it just yet. Stay tuned!