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Time for the next thing

After 5 1/2 years, Friday was my last day at PubNub.

My role at PubNub was unlike anything I’d ever heard of. After a year I gave up on trying to find a title to describe me.

While there, I made PubNub’s most popular GitHub repository. I made their most popular YouTube video. And above all, I prototyped, branded, documented, and launched a product driving a massive part of their strategy.

Right now ChatEngine is being used by almost a million people per month.

My entire life has been supported by mentors who believed in me, saw my drive, and let me loose. My parents, MorAnthony, and most recently Stephen.

So thanks to PubNub for the half decade opportunity to experiment, learn, and grow in my own way. And thanks to the team who’s shoulders I stand on.

It’s time for the next thing.

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