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Month: May 2013 talk at developer StackUp tomorrow May 1st, 7pm @ Pivotal Labs

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Developer talk

I’ll be giving a talk about, the technology stack behind it, and some interesting problems I came across while developing. The event is tomorrow May 1st, 7pm at Pivotal Labs in NYC.

“A StackUp is an event where technology, design and sales leads of a pre-screened set of companies show off what they do and how they do it – from a tech point of view.”

Things I’m talking about

  • Nodejs
  • Websockets and
  • Phonegap
  • Ripple Emulator
  • Chrome Extensions
  • Front End APIs
  • And much more, including a demo of the new Vimeo, Pandora, Hype Machine, and Rdio remotes

Other speakers

  • Paul Degnan, Marvel
  • Dave Stein, Behance
  • David Huerta, Brooklyn Museum
  • Daniel Doubrovkine, Artsy


Only 21 hours and 25 minutes left to RSVP! Devs only!

Talk to me

Let’s get coffee. Or breakfast tacos. Or chicken and waffles.

[email protected]