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Category: DevPort

Reserve your Developer Portfolio subdomain

I’m working on a new project called DevPort, a platform for developer portfolios. The idea is to help developer showcasse their apps, websites, and GitHub projects in a visual way.

  • Import your work from places it already exists online. Supports GitHub, iTunes App Store, Websites, and bulk image uploads.
  • Automatically grab screenshots, media, codeblocks, readme, and more from online endpoints. Your projects will look great, even if they’re command line tools.
  • Customize your portfolio using your favorite editor. Use our npm module to edit and preview your portfolio locally. Portfolios use mustache templates just like Jekyll and Ghost.
  • Every user user gets a professional subdomain with storage space. Easily deploy your portfolio and keep it up.

The idea was inspired from countless “Hackathon Hackers” Facebook posts where users would ask “what do you use to host your personal site?”

My goal is for the answer to be “DevPort.”

Reserve your username here: