Skip to content is now available for iOS and Android! is a mobile app that lets you control websites like Pandora, SoundCloud, Grooveshark, Rdio, Vimeo, Hype Machine and more with your phone. 

Be lazy! Control the music while walking around the house, in bed, or sit back and watch some Vimeo videos on the couch.

After more than a year of development, is finally available in the App and Google Play stores.

Get for iPhone: 

Get for Android: requires a Google Chrome extension to work.

Six sites supported out of the box!


  • Hype Machine: Play, Pause, Previous, Next, Favorite, Now Playing, Navigate, Search
  • Vimeo: Play, Pause, Previous, Scrub, Info, Favorite, Now Playing
  • Pandora: Play, Pause, Thumb Up, Thumb Down, Next, Now Playing
  • RdioPlay, Pause, Previous, Next, Shuffle, Now Playing
  • SoundCloud: Play, Pause, Previous, Next, Favorite, Now Playing, Next Genre, Previous Genre, Navigate, Search
  • Grooveshark: Play, Pause, Previous, Next, Now Playing, Search

More Remotes to Come

These six sites are just the beginning. There are more than a dozen additional sites will support in the future.
Have a site you want to see supported? Own a website you want supported?
Tweet at me: @sw1tch or let me know at 

Developer? Build support for a site yourself. The Chrome extension will be open source soon.

Site Redesign, FAQ, and Blog!

The website has undergone a heavy redesign. Check out the new homepage and FAQ.
I’ve also started blogging about news and development here:

A Labor of Love

People have called everything from a pet project to a start-up. They want to know how big the team is and where they can find our office. The truth is I’ve been working on alone in my apartment in my spare time.

I built the first prototype of because I wanted to be able to favorite tracks on Hype Machine while having a drink with friends. The feeling when I first got everything working (even if the remote was just a gray checkerboard) was amazing.

I spent the last year trying to package that feeling up and bring it to you. I hope you feel the same way when you sync your phone for the first time.


It would not have been possible to get to this point without the support from my family and friends, as well as the thousands and thousands of open source contributors who built the foundation that powers  

Standing on the shoulders of giants,

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